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Enter the world of Hedge and Hippo.  A world where kids feel safe and parents can help foster confidence and emotional resilience.

Meet Hippo.  He brings his lovable, emotional and learning perspective to new experiences along with the feelings that accompany them.  He is the curious one who enjoys time with his family, going to his school, and exploring with his best buddy Hedge. 

Hedge offers the logical voice that helps his friend make sense of the experiences around him, and moreover, helps him process the feelings associated with them.

Along with their friends and the community in Jungle Rock, Hedge and Hippo embark on many fun and exciting adventures to discover more about themselves and inspire others in the process.

Enjoy the world of Hedge and Hippo where emotions are processed, not held.  Get to know – and grow to love – the two friends.  Their stories are designed to be a go-to for parents and kids alike.